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Bryan & Michelle Moten

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I wrote this book for those who dare to believe their marriage is not dead.., that the patient can be resuscitated, that hope is not wishful thinking but confidence that with God, all things are possible! Consider a flower called the corpse flower, which grows in the wild rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia. This flower can reach up to ten feet high while taking seven to ten years to bloom. The point is that with proper cultivation and time, even chronically ill marriages can blossom. This book is a marital concept text.., not a twelve-step guide. I firmly believe that when the reader adopts the veracity of biblical concepts proven successful in so many marriages, it is then you'll find that these impactful concepts lead to more specific steps necessary for your particular marriage to change for the better.  

                                               IMPACTING CHANGE IN MARRIAGE


                                                              Table of Contents

IMPACT - "Marriage is for Grown Folk"

      Fundamental Differences Between Men and Women

      Biblical Profiles of the Husband and Wife

      Gender Issue OR Marital Problem

      Marital Mind-Reading

CHANGE - "Being the Catalyst for Change in my Marriage"

      Leaving, the Prerequisite to Cleaving

      Managing Marriage

      Marital Comfort Zone

      Work With Me

      Marital Stressors

MARRIAGE - "Three-Legged Race"

      Marital Tri-Cycle

      Marital Expectations

      Ingredients for a Sustainable Marriage

      Balance in Marriage

      Conflict Resolution

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